Why Seven Bridge?

Your Personal Builder

Here’s why Seven Bridge is different: We take on fewer custom home-building projects than the other luxury firms. Because our top priority is quality. The best materials, the best craftsman, the best subs, the best attention to detail, and the most satisfied clients.

The result is an exquisitely-crafted custom home that stands the test of time, a home that feels like a work of art, built to cutting-edge standards — where every detail is carefully considered and no shortcuts are taken.

And in order to exceed your expectations from beginning to end, we are 100 percent focused on you. Not 12 of you. What’s more, our relationship doesn’t end when you move in. Even long after the home-building process is complete, we stand by our commitment to quality.

When details matter. When craftsmanship matters. Seven Bridge is the choice. We do it right, or not at all

Experience Matters

A 39-year veteran of the building and construction industry, David’s breadth of experience means there are few home-building challenges that he hasn’t faced and overcome. What does that mean for our clients? Peace of mind knowing that your home will be built to the highest standards, and that the process will be as pleasing as the house itself.

The Best Craftsman

From carpenters and landscapers to painters, plumbers and electricians, we work with only the best subcontractors for Seven Bridge projects. In fact, we consider our vendors part of the Seven Bridge family, a testament to the long-standing relationships we’ve maintain with the area’s most skilled craftsman. And because we never use “low bid” labor or materials, our clients take possession of the highest-quality home, and nothing less.

Building for The Future

Part of what keeps us passionate about building luxury homes even after more than 3 decades in the business is our focus on innovation. We are constantly working to incorporate sustainable technology and cutting-edge techniques into the building process, including energy efficiency and other environmentally sound materials and practices. At Seven Bridge, energy conservation and sustainable living is not an afterthought. It is built into every custom home without sacrificing quality or design.

The Best or Nothing

Simply put, building a custom home with Seven Bridge isn’t for everyone. Our clients are discerning and expect perfection. More than just a custom home, they demand a seamless process start-to-finish and an exquisitely crafted home that will last for generations to come. And we love that because we demand it, too.

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